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Harvesting Local Hemp for use in Copohe Branded Products
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We at Colorado Power Hemp are committed to a sustainable lifestyle, and enthusiastically support this wonderful planet-friendly plant, which we call hemp.



People around the globe are learning once again to embrace the cultivation of hemp. For thousands of years, we enjoyed the benefits that hemp brings us. There are 50,000 uses for hemp, as it provides medicine, food, fabric, building materials, fuel, and bioplastics, etc. Only in our country’s recent history was hemp erroneously kept off the market and classified as a Schedule One drug. Let’s be clear about this. Hemp (not marijuana) does NOT get you high. The hemp plant and the marijuana plant are related, but the hemp plant contains not more than .3% THC. This small concentration of THC is not intoxicating. The 2018 Federal Farm Bill signed into law allows for the legal cultivation and use of hemp.


Why hemp and CBD? - As a community, Colorado Power Hemp has seen the devastation of inflammation and disease, and how the pharmaceutical industry simply doesn’t have all the answers. With hemp, we are rediscovering the proven benefits that the plant gives us. Blind medical studies have shown that CBD can help to reduce inflammation. This is documented in many published articles. An internet search of “CBD and inflammation” will reveal such articles, provided by well established and credible sources.


Our founder has been an enthusiastic user of CBD for years. He soon learned that he was able to give up and reduce his own use of pharmaceuticals, and no longer has to deal with the side effects of some drugs. His daughter was diagnosed with diabetes at age 14, and is just recently using and learning more about how CBD can drastically help with maintaining normal levels of inflammation. Her life shows more improvement everyday, and now she is part of this movement, to embrace the hemp plant, and to bring natural healing to everyone.


The approach we’ve taken to this is very simple. We use only known, approved, 100% local Colorado sources of hemp. Everything we sell has been third party tested. Certificates of analysis are available upon request. Simple, right?


Another part of the “simple”, that is this: We support medical CBD research. Proceeds from the sales of our product go towards monthly contributions to Colorado Children’s Hospital, neurological research. Simple, again.


There is it. Two huge, but simple things. Pure, trustworthy product, and giving back to our community. What else is there?


We encourage you to find out more about CBD, and ask us questions that you may have. You can reach our founder directly, at and he will personally answer your inquiry.