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Medical Research of CBD

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

There is a terrific book, "CBD Oil Everyday Secrets", by Gretchen Lidicker. Gretchen documents actual case studies. On page 67, she talks about the California Pacific Medical Research Center, and their study of CBD and cancer. Very powerful stuff.

If you research the phrase "double-blind placebo-controlled randomized controlled trial cbd”, you will easily find a link to the US National Library of MedicineNational Institutes of Health" -

In this study, they conclude "clinically important improvements in pain, sleep quality and SGIC of the severity of their condition are obtained with THC/CBD spray"

Another study, posted by Science Direct, at, concludes "This study shows that THC:CBD extract is efficacious for relief of pain in patients with advanced cancer pain not fully relieved by strong opioids."

For myself, fortunately, I'm not dealing with cancer. But I do have to deal with neuropathy in my feet and no longer take Lyrica, which has horrible side effects. CBD has not given me any side effects. I also deal with huge joint pain in my shoulder, due to a slip-and-fall 5 years ago, and the subsequent surgery to repair the damage. To help me attain a normal healthy state of inflammation and pain management, I embrace hemp products that contain naturally-occurring levels of CBD.

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