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Which "Type" CBD Should You Take?

There are several dozen types of cannabinoids that are contained in the hemp plant. The most popular and most easily available one of these is cannabidiol, or CBD. Medical studies of CBD have focused on anxiety, pain, cognition, and movement disorders.

In addition to cannabidiol, many CBD products contain all of the cannabinoids (including THC) from the hemp plant. There are dozens of different cannabinoids which you can learn more about, at

FULL SPECTRUM - using a full spectrum CBD product means that you are using all of the cannabinoids from the hemp plant. This includes a tiny amount of THC, the psychotropic cannabinoid which, in sufficient quantities, is intoxicating. Hemp extract contains only .3% THC, or less, and will not get you high.

Using a full spectrum product - such as Cópohe Golden Drops, or Cópohe Tinctures, gives the user what is called the "Entourage Effect", which is the synergistic action of all the cannabinoids working together, in concert, to provide optimum healthy support.

CBD ISOLATE - using an isolate means that you are using only one of the cannabinoids, cannabidiol, or CBD. This can still be very effective for many people, and there is zero THC, for those people who want to avoid having any THC in their body, for whatever reasons they have. THC drug testing is a big issue for many people, and they may choose a THC-free product, such as Cópohe Cherry Drops. These are an all natural, vegan, kosher and absolutely delicious gummy that people love.

BROAD SPECTRUM - this form of CBD is similar to full spectrum, but contains no THC. Therefore, a person can still get an entourage effect from taking this product, without putting any THC in their body.

Please ask us any questions about this subject, and please consult with your physician before consuming any dietary supplement.

Thank you

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